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Thesis Revisited

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Enough time has passed after the defense of my masters that I can stand looking at it again, so I did a git svn clone of my old svn thesis repo and put it on my gitweb. The scary-sounding title of my thesis was: Solitary Wave Families In Two Non-Integrable Models Using Reversible Systems Theory. It is 48 pages of gobbleygook unless you have some decent differential equations and linear algebra background. The presentation that I gave during my defense is at least a tiny bit more digestible. It at least has a Sherlock Holmes quote and some pretty pictures. One sentence english translation of my thesis: I found some solutions to some equations that people hadn't found before.

One chapter of my thesis was accepted and published in Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation. Here is the abstract. The actual print publication date is Volume 14, Issue 5, May 2009, Pages 1999-2005, but it is "pre-published" online.

Next on my list is to get LaTeX rendering to work in MovableType.

GitX 0.5 has Gravatar Support!

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GitX just auto-upgraded itself and the interface just keeps getting prettier and more functional! Check out the spiffy Gravatar and one-click gist creation: gitx-gravatar

New Factor Git repo

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You can view my new factor repo's gitweb. Or you can clone my repo with

git clone

This should start getting pulled upstream into the main factor repo sometime soon.

The GSL bindings are now in "extra/gsl", which is the extra.gsl namespace in Factor. I have bindings to all of GSL's special functions, I am currently working on documenting the Bessel functions and writing tests for the functions which take/return gsl_sf_result structures. If you would like to see another subsystem, just ask and I will let you know if it is doable. There are almost 50 subsystems, so if you want to help: clone, hack, commit and push!

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