CyborgCamp: Notes from Evolution of the Language of Technology

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Bill DeRouchey (@billder) was the opening presentation at CyborgCamp and was wonderfully entertaining and informative. Here are some quick notes I took:

  • How did the "Play/Pause" button become univerally understood?
  • Typewriters choose the winning "letter symbols"
  • Symbols evolve.
  • Are we losing some types/modes of literacy? Is that such a bad thing?
  • @ - commerce symbol "each at", then location, then identity
  • # - means a group on twitter "context, topic"
  • Mouse pointer ~1984
  • Future directions in the evolution of tech languages?
  • Splintered groups of tech languages
  • Emotional bandwidth
  • Gatekeepers of knowledge, screening out less knowledgeable people

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Yes, I indeed agree with your quick notes. I also noticed that symbols really evolve, if before we don't use them that much, today ~ its really something significant to our cyber life.
Well, that's technology.

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