Review of Javascript: The Hidden Manual

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This book claims to "familiarize Web designers with ins and outs of JavaScript and then move on to advanced tool for adding really useful interactivity to a Web site as quickly and easily as possible."

I am coming more from a development background but my JavaScript was quite rough, so I liked that this book does not assume that you know CSS selectors and DOM structures by heart. 

The book exclusively uses jQuery, which is used in almost every example. Other libraries are mentioned on page 170 but it would have been nice to see some comparisons between how something is done in jQuery versus one of the other popular libraries. 

Other than that, the book gives a nice short introduction about the history of JavaScript and inspirational advice for budding web developers.

I think the title is a bit vague, it should mention somehow that it exclusively uses jQuery. Other than that it seems like a good book for designers branching out into development.

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