CouchDB talk at OpenSourcery

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I attended a presentation at OpenSourcery by Chris Anderson about CouchDB. He showed off  Futon, which is CouchDB's online web interface, which allows one to do normal CRUD, as well as set up replications, run tests and set configuration variables. It has some simple JavaScript functions which are basically map/reduce elements and it seems to be tightly integrated with jQuery. When I asked about Prototype I got the "Why are you still using Prototype?" spiel. Perhaps I should actually look into why people think jQuery is so much better.  Anyway, Here are my rough notes of the interesting features of CouchDB that caught my eye:

HTTP server + JSON Doc DB (key/value pairs), RESTful

Incremental Map reduce views

peer-based replication

multi-master  OR push all changes to one write-master and + read slaves

concurrency over serial speed

Ex: = 120GB database, 200ms response

written in Erlang

sharding via hash functions

documents vs. relations

each doc has a "revision"

first in wins

standalone apps via _external servers 

p2p replication - this is really cool and powerful

_external servers - api to parse request as json, filter it and then return

rollup = reduce 

re-reduce phase =~ aggregate

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