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Oil primary reason for war
This letter is in reference to John Sellers' opinion "Anti-war activists spout empty claims," published Feb. 17.

To say that Iraq only produces 2 percent of the world's oil and question why America would fight for such a pittance is skewing the facts. The reason why Iraq produces 2.5 percent of the world's oil is because of U.S. sanctions.

It has been estimated by Fadhil Chalabi, executive director of the Center for Global Energy Studies in London, that Iraq could produce up to 12 million barrels a day within 10 years, which would be 14 percent of the world's oil production. It is also skewed reporting to leave out that Iraq had the second-largest oil supply in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia.

To put into perspective, the 112 billion barrels of reserves that Iraq has could solely sustain all American oil imports for the next 28 years. Iraq could actually have three times more oil in reserve. Currently, Iraq has been confirmed to have 11 percent of the total world oil reserve, which is certainly no pittance.

I believe this is what you wanted when you described doing real research. I have produced totally unbiased facts, without rhetoric or sophistry, and I would like the readers of The Future to form their own opinions as to whether or not this is a war for oil.

Jonathan Leto - jonathan at leto dot net

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