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Anti-war activists have soldiers' best interests at heart

This is in response to Adam Shiver's article "Regardless of views, support the troops," published March 27. Campus Peace Action is the name of the group that has held anti-war and peace events on the campus. As the vice president, I have not heard one group member say that Adam has ever talked to a single one of us about our views.

We support our troops; we were wearing yellow ribbons right alongside the "Support our Troops" rally last Wednesday. We do not want our brothers and sisters to die in a war that we feel is both unprovoked and unnecessary.

In the last few weeks, Congress passed a bill to cut $9.6 billion from Veteran Affairs benefits. Yes, they actually took away $9.6 billion from veterans' aid during a war.

Even worse, there are 270,000 homeless veterans in America; 33 percent of all homeless males have served in the military. With Gulf War syndrome, Agent Orange and controversial vaccination injections, we do not think that the government treats soldiers with the respect and reverence that they deserve.

To say that the peace movement is not supporting our troops is ridiculous. If we had our way, none of them would be risking their lives on the other side of the world in the first place.

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