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Cars are the problem

I attended the Master Plan Informal Meeting on Wednesday and listened to inane banter about building yet another campus entrance connecting to McCulloch Road and the impacts in both Seminole and Orange County, which have joint ownership and maintenance thereof.

UCF is addicted to growth and its largest problem is transportation. Sadly, it deals with this problem by building more roads. This is similar to building more jail cells to fix the prisoner overpopulation problem in the U.S. Why not fix the problem instead of alleviating the symptom?

Cars are the problem. But the car is the icon of American industrialization and consumerism; we are living in the aftermath of "Ford's disease," with a multibillion-dollar industry that doesn't want to be "fixed." Orlando and UCF need a sane public transportation plan, with a limit on population increase, which will in turn limit cars. Buses that run 24 hours and that also go to shopping centers would be ideal.

A surprising statistic from the book "Divorce Your Car" is that "more than twice as many people have died in U.S. car collisions as have been killed in all the wars in U.S. history." Cars are status symbols and supposedly create a life of convenience, but what are they doing to the quality of our lives?

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