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Rakudo has hash slices

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Patrick Michaud just pushed some changes in r33907 that made hash slices work, so I went rumaging around in S02 and unfudged about 20 passing TODO tests. I also added about 15 tests to S29-trig/trig.t relating to \sec{x} and hyperbolic trig functions.

Currently the test suite has 6969-1485=5484 passing tests, rock on!

All tests successful, 1485 subtests skipped.
Files=249, Tests=6969, 613 wallclock secs (498.93 cusr + 29.40 csys = 528.33 CPU)

Warning! PDX.pm December 2008 Wrap-Up

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The "Getting Started With Rakudo (A Flavor of Perl 6)" hack session was a huge success, we actually implemented the "warn" keyword in Rakudo! I mentioned that I was fiddling with Rakudo and I was saddened that "warn" was not implemented and with the help of chromatic we had an initial prototype a few minutes later! Patrick Michaud was also a big help, answering questions about how to run individual tests in the test suite and explaining the fine points of exception handling.

This implementation does not yet bubble exceptions as per Perl 6 spec because some backend features are still needed in Parrot to make this work. I also committed a small fix to "unfudge" a passing CATCH test in Synopsis 04 in the pugs svn repo

Also, big props to Keith Lofstrom for making a DVI-to-VGA connector magically appear for the projector!
Anyone is welcome to come to the meeting to learn more about Perl 6 and how it is being developed. But if you would like to participate in the "hack session", please bring a laptop with:

Getting Involved with Rakudo (A Flavor of Perl 6)

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The December 2008 PDX.pm meeting will be a a "hack session" where there will be a small "briefing" at the beginning of the meeting (like 5 minutes) then people start hacking away, working on what they want to. This is  a good time for people to put some ideas on the PDX.pm kwiki of what they want to learn about Rakudo or what they want to hack on.

What is Rakudo? Rakudo is the implementation of the Perl 6 spec on the Parrot virtual machine. I call Rakudo a "flavor" because any implementation of Perl 6 that passes the Perl 6 test suite can call itself Perl 6. Perl 5 spec and implementation were one and the same, which meant that any additional implementation that could have ever hoped to be written (which never happened) would have had to be bug-for-bug compatible with the original implementation of Perl 5, because that was the spec. Perl 6 does not repeat this mistake and actually is currently benefiting already from the principle. Pugs was an initial prototype of Perl 6 with the Haskell programming language, which is no longer actively maintained, but it's extensive test suite is currently being converted into the Perl 6 test suite. The pugs test directory is actually an svn external and lives at languages/perl6/t/spec in the Parrot svn repository. As you can see, Rakudo and the Perl 6 test suite still live inside the Parrot repository. This will probably change sometime next year as Parrot gets closer to 1.0 and Rakudo can be built on a fully functional Parrot.

This isn't supposed to make a lot of sense, but you can metaphorically think of Rakudo as the Fourier Transform of Perl5:

Ra\vec{k}udo = \iiint e^{ - 2 \pi \imath \vec{k} \cdot \vec{x} } Perl5 \left( \vec{ x } 
ight) d\vec{x}  

Ra\vec{k}udo will be a simpler-to-use representation of Perl5\left(\vec{x}
ight) which is a sum of smaller and simpler components. Yeah, I think I just wanted to show off my new \textrm{ \LaTeX } plugin.

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