Parrot Hacktivity Report

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  • Applied many patches from flh++ and darbelo++
  • Translated lots of tests written in Perl to PIR. This makes the test suite faster! It also makes the code easier to debug. It has also uncovered lots of bugs. Fun!
  • Implemented throws_like() in test_more.pir, which allows for easily testing if a bit of PIR code throws an exception that matches a PGE pattern. This is inspired from warnings_like() in Test::Warn and uses the like() from test_more.pir under the hood, so it was reasonably simple to implement. Added lots of tests that use throws_like() to verify that proper errors are thrown.
  • Fixed a bug in FixedPMCArray where it would not check for negative lengths and core dump Parrot. Oops!
  • Wrote an interactive Parrot Shell for REPL/rapid prototyping. Type perl tools/dev/ in the Parrot source code to start it up. More about this soon!
  • Wrote many tests for the proper handling of Inf/NaN, which exposed some bugs in fdiv, cmod and mod when using PMCs .
  • Updated editor documentation regarding generating tags
  • Updated documentation about math functions in Ch04 of The PIR Book
  • I will be the release manager of Parrot 1.7, which is getting released October 20th. Exciting!

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