Parrot Hacktivity Report

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What I've been hackin' on in Parrot-land, gonzo-style:

Note: PMC's are PolyMorphic Classes or as the Parrot hackers like to call them, Parrot Magic Cookies.

  • Wrote a bunch of tests, fixed some bugs and updated documentation for the parrot_debugger
  • Added the ability to assign to most registers in the parrot_debugger, since eval is currently broke :( . Assigning to PMC registers still needs to be implemented.
  • Added the rand and srand dynops (dynamically loadable opcodes). Parrot does not need to be recompiled to change or modify dynops.
  • Wrote tests for the other dynops, slyly named obscure
  • Got rid of the deprecated Random PMC as well as updating all tests and documentation which referred to it. This involved fiddling with fun stuff like the befunge interpreter written in PIR and the OpenGL examples (which evidently don't work on the latest OS X)
  • Rakudo was using the Random PMC internally and it's test suite, so my commit to Parrot broke Rakudo from even compiling on the latest Parrot. I attempted to switch Rakudo over to use the new rand/srand dynops, but they were not being installed. I added the files to Parrot's MANIFEST.generated (thanks to jnthn++ for the hint), which stores where all installable files live. Rakudo was then able to find them and I had a once again compiling Rakudo with a passing "make test". With help from moritz++, my patch was accepted and Rakudo was once again passing "make spectest." The turn-around time on this was amazing and I would like to thank everyone in #parrot and #perl6 for making it happen.
  • Added more tests for correct handling of NaN/Inf
  • Added the test directory t/pir for compiler-agnostic tests for PIR, after talking to bacek++. I attempted to test the broken .macro_local feature, but it seems that it is not currently possible to write TODO tests in PIR for PIR that does not parse. Punted on that and just wrote some simple tests for basic macro expansion.
  • Wrote tests for pbc_disassemble and pbc_dump
  • I have a mirror of the Parrot subversion repo on github, with all of the currently active Parrot branches mirrored as well. The github network mode lets you see the relative states of each branch (flash required).

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