Google Announces Nine Students in GSoC2009 with The Perl Foundation

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Congratulations to the nine students who have been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2009 with The Perl Foundation! Initially TPF was given ten slots, but a duplicate accepted application was generated from other duplication resolutions (it's not a process that is guaranteed to terminate!). Andriy Kushnarov submitted two great applications to the TYPO3 organization as well as an application to TPF regarding plugins for the November wiki. It was decided to donate the slot to TYPO3, so here is our list of the nine accepted applications:

We have some very exciting applications for a wide variety of topics this year, ranging from Perl 5 CPAN modules, to Parrot internals and, of course, Perl 6. The students involved this year are poised to make a tremendous impact to the projects they work on. Now that pesky "implementation" phase begins! Not before a bit of community bonding, but I am sure that students will start coding before the actual, no-more-bonding-lets-code date of May 23rd.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially people in #soc-help on and those on the tpf-gsoc-students list. You rock. Special thanks goes out to Joshua McAdams who made a cool TPF GSoC 2009 YouTube video!

Is it any coincidence that today is one of the hottest days of the year so far in Portland, OR? In any case, this summer of code is heatin' up.

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Hi Jonathan,

It is great to know of the acceptance of these proposals. I wish them the best.

Alan Haggai Alavi.

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