TPF Accepted to Google Summer of Code 2009

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I am excited to announce that The Perl Foundation has been officially accepted to Google Summer of Code 2009, (wheels within) wheels have started turning!

Students interested in learning more about applying for GSoC2009 with TPF can join the mailing list  and read up on The Perl Foundation wiki . For breaking news you can follow me at @dukeleto  or join us on IRC on #soc-help on .

Those interested in being mentors should sign up here as well as getting on the mailing list . If you are Just Another Perl Hacker that wants to help students decide on what to work on or give them feedback on different project ideas, then please join the student mailing list and dish out some of that knowledge to those in need.

Student Applications are due April 3: 12 Noon PDT / 19:00 UTC. That is approaching quickly, so start joining the fun.

Happy hacking this summer!

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Congratulations and thanks a lot for your work on the TPF participation in the GSOC09! Keep it up!

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