Students, The Application Deadline for GSoC is Close!

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  • Why Google Summer of Code Should Matter To You
If you are a student, many of the great opportunities that GSoC opens up are described in this video, Code Conversations #3 with Leslie Hawthorn. She goes into many success stories of previous students and talks about how there is room for all skill levels, not just experts. There is also a Youtube video made by Joshua McAdams about The Perl Foundation and Google Summer of Code.

  • Deadline
The deadline is this Friday 3 April 2009, 17:00 UTC/12 Noon PDT, so now is the time to submit your application! There is the project ideas page for you to see what there is to hack on and the application template to hammer your ideas into a plan. We have a  google group for students to ask questions and there are always some helpful people in #soc-help on to ask. For up-to-the minutes status updates, follow me on twitter and/or search for the "#gsoc" tag on your favorite aggregator.

  • Project Ideas
Some really good ideas that don't have application yet are:

  • Work on the Perl 6 Test suite, (really important!)
    • Object system (multi method dispatch, object creation, role mixin), introspection
    • Regexes/grammars: inheritance, action methods for grammars, structure of Match objects; built-in rules; modifiers.
    • built-in types, especially container types (like KeySet, see S02)
    • Exceptions, control exceptions, catch-blocks
  • Advanced primality testing for Perl, necessary for testing native cryptography
  • YAML parser as a PGE grammar wrapped by Perl 6 module
  • Port Crypt::Random to Rakudo
  • Work on IO subsystem in Rakudo
  • Add Callgrind output to Parrot
  • GSL bindings to Parrot via NCI
  • November, a Perl 6 wiki engine
  • POE (Perl Object Environment)
Students, submit your application now and get feedback from the community on the GSoC webapp, Melange! Now is the best time to get involved in the open source project that you have always dreamed of working on and get paid to do it

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