Warning! PDX.pm December 2008 Wrap-Up

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The "Getting Started With Rakudo (A Flavor of Perl 6)" hack session was a huge success, we actually implemented the "warn" keyword in Rakudo! I mentioned that I was fiddling with Rakudo and I was saddened that "warn" was not implemented and with the help of chromatic we had an initial prototype a few minutes later! Patrick Michaud was also a big help, answering questions about how to run individual tests in the test suite and explaining the fine points of exception handling.

This implementation does not yet bubble exceptions as per Perl 6 spec because some backend features are still needed in Parrot to make this work. I also committed a small fix to "unfudge" a passing CATCH test in Synopsis 04 in the pugs svn repo

Also, big props to Keith Lofstrom for making a DVI-to-VGA connector magically appear for the projector!

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