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KC5KTO's Radio Shack Scanner Modification Page

This page contains information on several of Radio Shack's scanners. If there's any mods for a particular scanner, it is listed in the scanner's information section, along with any information available from Radio Shack through their on-line information service. Not all scanners have mods, though, and not all have information from Radio Shack.

Please don't email me asking for mods or information for a particular scanner. What is on this page is what I've got. The mods available on the Internet are a small subset of all the mods that are available, so you might consider purchasing one of the many mod books put out by Bill Cheek and others (a list of mod books is planned in the near future), if you're looking for anything that's not here.

A technique called virtual downconversion makes it possible for some post-ECPA scanners to receive cellular broadcasts, so don't take the NO that you see for them as the last, final word (unless, of course, they didn't pick up 800 MHz to begin with). When I find information on virtual downconversion mods or companies who do them, I'll put it up for the affected scanners.

I've got some modification cutoff dates listed for some scanners, but they may be wrong. If you know for sure that they're wrong, or you have any additional information that you'd like to pass my way, let me know. A general rule of thumb is that any scanner manufactured after April 1994 is not modifiable for cellular coverage (yes, there are some manufacturer goofs, most notably the 7A4 PRO-51).

This page and its author are not affiliated with Radio Shack in any way. Radio Shack is a trademark of Tandy Corporation. Read my disclaimer for further information.

[ Handheld scanner info | Base/mobile scanner info | Decoding Radio Shack date codes ]

Scanner specs at a glance:

A Maybe means that cell mods are possible only for certain date codes for the particular scanner.

If you're using lynx and the table below looks skewed, then contact your system administrator and tell them to upgrade to Lynx 2.5 or higher, which support tables.

Model Model Number Type Manufacturer Conversion Channels/ Banks Cellular Modifiable? Bands/Freq. Ranges
PRO-10 200-0170 Handheld - Dual-VHF
8 (crystal) No 148-174MHz(VHF)
PRO-20 200-0101 Handheld - Dual 4 (crystal) No VL/VH
PRO-22 200-0103 Handheld - Dual 6 (crystal) No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-23 200-0104 Handheld - Dual 4 (crystal) No A/VH
PRO-23 200-0504 Handheld Uniden Dual 50(10/5)+5 Maybe A/VH/U/8
PRO-24 200-0105 Handheld - Dual 4 (crystal) No VL/VH/U
PRO-24 200-0503 Handheld Uniden Dual 16 No VL/VH/U/8
PRO-25 200-0106 Handheld - - - No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-25 200-0505 Handheld Uniden Dual 100(10/10)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-26 200-0107 Handheld - - 4(crystal) No VL/VH/U
PRO-26 200-0506 Handheld Uniden Triple 200(10/20)+10 YES 25-1300MHz
PRO-27 200-0108 Handheld - - 2(crystal) No VH/U
PRO-27 200-0507 Handheld Uniden Dual 20 No VL/VH/U
PRO-28 200-0508 Handheld Uniden Dual 30 No VL/VH/U
PRO-29 200-0509 Handheld Uniden Dual 60(6/10)+6 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-31 200-0132 Handheld GRE Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-32 200-0133 Handheld GRE - 200(10/20) No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-33 - Handheld - - 20 No VL/VH/U
PRO-34 200-0135 Handheld GRE - 200(10/20)+10 YES VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-35 200-0136 Handheld Uniden - 100(10/10)+1 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-37 200-0138 Handheld GRE Dual 200(10/20)+10 YES VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-38 200-0139 Handheld Uniden Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-39 200-0303 Handheld GRE Dual 200(10/20)+10 Maybe VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-41 200-0301 Handheld Uniden Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-42 200-0302 Handheld GRE Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-43 200-0300
Handheld GRE Triple 200(10/20)+10 200-0300-YES 200-0300A-No VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-44 200-0304 Handheld GRE Dual 50+1 No VL/VH/U
PRO-46 200-0305 Handheld Uniden Dual 100(10/10)+10 YES VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-49 200-0306 Handheld Uniden Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-50 200-0307 Handheld GRE Dual 20+1 No VL/VH/U
PRO-51 200-0308
Handheld Uniden Dual 200(10/20)+10 Maybe VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-56 - Handheld - - 8(crystal) No VH/U
PRO-57 200-0126 Base GRE Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-58 200-0400 Base GRE Dual 10 No VL/VH/U
PRO-59 200-0401 Base Uniden Dual 8 No VH/U
PRO-60 200-0309 Handheld GRE Triple 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-62 200-0560 Handheld GRE Triple 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-63 200-0561 Handheld - Dual 100(10/10) No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-64 200-0564 Handheld GRE Triple 400(10/40)+40 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-66 200-0511 Handheld Uniden Dual 50+1 No VL/VH/U/8
PRO-67 200-0512 Handheld Uniden Triple 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-70 200-0310 Handheld - Dual 50+1 No VL/VH/U
PRO-72 200-0566 Handheld - Dual 50+1 No VL/VH/U/8
PRO-90 200-0520 Handheld Uniden Triple 300(10/30) No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-508 200-0408 Base GRE Dual 20 No VL/VH/U
PRO-2002 200-0116 Base GRE Dual 50(5/10) No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2004 200-0119 Base GRE Triple 300(10/30)+10 YES VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-2005 - Base GRE Triple 400(10/40)+10 YES VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-2006 200-0145 Base GRE Triple 400(10/40)+10 YES VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-2009 200-0109 Base GRE Dual 8 No VL/VH/U
PRO-2011 200-0118 Base GRE Dual 20 No VL/VH/U
PRO-2014 200-0420 Base - Dual 50+1 No VL/VH/U
PRO-2020 - Base - - 20 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2021 200-0113 Base GRE Dual 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2022 200-0127 Base GRE - 200(10/20) YES VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2023 200-0128 Base Uniden Dual 20 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2024 200-0129 Base GRE Dual 60(6/10)+10 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2025 200-0146 Base Uniden Dual 16 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2026 200-0148
Mobile Uniden Dual 100(5/20)+1 200-0148-YES
PRO-2027 200-0402 Base GRE Dual 100(10/10)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2028 200-0403 Base - Dual 50(10/5)+5 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2029 200-0404 Base GRE Dual 60(6/10)+6 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2030 200-0407 Base Uniden Dual 80(8/10)+10 YES VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2032 200-0409 Base GRE Dual 200(10/20)+10 YES VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2033 200-0410 Base Uniden Dual 10 No VH/U
PRO-2034 200-0411 Base Uniden Dual 60(10/6)+10 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2035 200-0460 Base GRE Dual 1000(10/100)+100 Maybe 25-1240MHz
PRO-2036 200-0412 Base Uniden Dual 200(10/20) YES VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-2037 200-0461 Base GRE Triple 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2038 200-0413 Mobile Uniden Dual 50 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2039 200-0462 Base GRE Dual 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2040 200-0414 Base Uniden Dual 100(10/10)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2041 200-0463 Base GRE Triple 400(10/40)+40 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2042 200-0464 Base GRE Triple 1000(10/100)+100 Maybe VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-2043 200-0415 Base Uniden Dual 30(3/10) No VL/VH/U
PRO-2044 200-0416 Base - Dual 80(10/8)+10 No VL/A/VH/U
PRO-2045 200-0418 Base Uniden Triple 200(10/20)+10 No VL/A/VH/MA/U/8
PRO-2046 200-0149 Mobile Uniden Dual 100(10/10)+10 No VL/A/VH/U/8
PRO-2056 200-0147 Mobile - Dual 50 No VL/A/VH/U

Channels (xx/yy) where
  xx - # of banks
  yy - # of channels per bank

Ranges (exact ranges vary from unit to unit):
  VL - VHF-Lo band (typically 30-54 MHz)
   A - Civilian aviation (typically 108-136 MHz)
  VH - VHF-Hi band (typically 136-174 MHz)
  MA - Military aviation (typically 225-380 MHz)
   U - UHF band (typically 380-512 MHz)
   8 - "800 band" (typcially 800-999 MHz)

Decoding Radio Shack Date Codes

Decoding the date code on your Radio Shack scanner is really quite simple. The date code consists of a number (from 1 to 12), followed by an "A", followed by another number (from 0-9). The first number represents the month of manufacture, while the last number represents the year. (The "A" acts as a separator.)

For example, the date code

means that the item was manufactured in July 1994. Pretty simple, eh?

Note that the decade can't be precisely determined - "7A4" could also mean July 1984. This shouldn't really be a problem, though.

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