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Post-Mentor-Summit Wrap Up

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I took a bit of a break after releasing Math::GSL 0.14 and tried not to stare at a screen too much  during the GSOC08 conference, when I could be interacting with open source developers from around the world IRL. I met developers from Git, Xmms2, VLC, PHP, Zikula, OpenAFS, Boost, Jikes RVM, Squeak, MusicBrainz, Worldforge, Minix3, the list goes on. People shared many ideas about making sustainable open source projects, getting and keeping members in your community and dealing with "troublesome" members.  Daniel Svensson from Xmms2 also showed me some git-fu relating to rebasing.

But that doesn't mean that Math::GSL development has come to a halt! Since 0.14 Thierry added operator overloading for addition in Vector. This sparked my interest and I then did subtraction. The current code will vectorize operations that you learn "don't make sense" in grade school, such as: $v - 5 , where v is a vector. Math::GSL will go ahead and subtract 5 from every element in $v. You can also do 2 + $v and you will get a new vector where 2 has been added to each element of $v.

Also, I reorganized the directory structure so that all SWIG interface files are now in the swig/ subdirectory, instead of clogging up the root directory. All SWIG-generated XS code and object files are thrown in there as well. This should make the Math::GSL codebase easier to navigate. 

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