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Math::GSL 0.18 on CPAN

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Grab the latest Math::GSL to get these spiffy features and bugfixes:

  • Made Math::GSL play nice with latest and greatest GSL 1.12
  • Added swap() to Vector objects with tests and docs
  • Added p-norms to Vector objects via norm() and normalize()
  • Added operator overloading so that
abs $vector == $vector->norm
  • Added as_vector() to Matrix and MatrixComplex objects
  • Added inverse(), is_square(), det(),  lndet(), zero() and identity() to Matrix objects
  • Added inverse(), is_square(), det(),  lndet(), zero(), identity() and hermitian() to MatrixComplex objects
  • Added dot product to Matrix objects
  • Fixed various typos in documentation
  • Fixed warnings about overloaded operators in Matrix and BLAS
  • Overloaded '==' and '!=' for MatrixComplex and Matrix objects
  • Fixed amd64 -fPIC compile failure
  • Added tests to Monte and refactored Sort tests
  • Refactored and improve error checking in callback interface
  • Fixed 'NaN' test failures (thanks CPANtesters!)

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