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Math::GSL on GitHub

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I have created a GitHub mirror of the Math::GSL git repo, hopefully this will make it easier for developers to join the project and I will get to see why people like GitHub so much.

I like that it automatically creates a "donate" link via Pledgie. Please consider donating to Math::GSL today if you enjoy using it!

Gitweb is active

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I finally got around to setting up gitweb for Math-GSL, it was simply a matter of reading the source of gitweb.cgi to understand what it was doing and figuring out that "git" was not in the $PATH of my webserver.

Make sure to check out the "bleed" branch for the latest development. I am gearing up to put our first release on CPAN to see how the CPANTesters put it through the gauntlet. It will be interesting to see how many of them meet the build requirements of SWIG+GSL.

Using git and gitk to optimize workflow

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Math::GSL is now using git and everyone rejoices.

I saw a fellow coworker using gitk to optimize his workflow when doing long subversion merges and also to have a more fine-grained commit history. With git, a collection of changes can be chosen and  "squashed" into one subversion commit. This is useful for pushing out to a subversion repo.

This solves the problem of local modifications sitting on your machine because you do not want to push incomplete code into a subversion repo. Gitk is a simple and powerful Tk interface which allows you to search your entire commit history at many levels and shows diffs of files and lots of other metadata. It has helped me gain a larger picture of the evolution of the project.

Simply by pressing "F5", gitk updates and show you local modifications that haven't been checked in yet!

Public Git Repo for Math::GSL

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You can get the latest Math::GSL with the command

git clone

We also have a mirror on , which is updated hourly from the main repo.

Currently I have only heavily tested Math::GSL on FreeBSD 6.2/Perl 5.10, so if you have a wildly different platform, please send me bug reports if the build process implodes!

Note: This is alpha software, it could set your hair or computer on fire at any time.

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