Math::GSL 0.17_01 on CPAN

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Math::GSL is still in active development and we have been working hard to make sure that it is compatible with the most recent GSL, which is 1.12 released on Dec 16 2008. This release is mostly for CPANTesters to see what bugs they can shake out of it, but it contains these tasty features:

  • Make Math::GSL play nice with GSL 1.12
  • Added swap() to Vector objects with tests and docs
  • Added p-norms to Vector objects via norm() and normalize()
  • Added operator overloading so that : abs $vector == $vector->norm
  • Added as_vector() to Matrix and MatrixComplex objects
  • Added inverse(), is_square(), det(),  lndet(), zero() and identity() to Matrix objects
  • Added inverse(), is_square(), det(),  lndet(), zero(), identity() and hermitian() to MatrixComplex objects
  • Added dot product to Matrix objects
  • Fixed various typos in documentation
  • Fixed warnings about overloaded operators in Matrix and BLAS

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Very Nice!
Do you plan some new modules on top of Math::GSL?
It would be nice to have some rudimentary Numpy or Scipy for Perl too!

The big advantage of Python is better interface with C and Fortran language which pushed the comunity to write a lot of numeric code in Python. Maybe the situation changes with Perl 6!


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