Updates and Promises

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Yes, it has been quiet here but development on Math::GSL has steadily continued behind-the-scenes. I just pushed a dev release (0.15_04) to CPAN, it should be hitting a mirror near you soon. If the CPANTesters don't find anything horribly wrong with it, it will probably become 0.16. Some new features of 0.16 will be:

  • New subsytems: VectorComplex and MatrixComplex
  • Operator overloading for addition and subtraction with vectors
  • Added example: examples/matrix/nonsymmetric_eigen
        Shows how to find the eigenvalues of a nonsymmetric matrix
  • Added copy() method to vectors
  •  Improved Vector docs
  • Sped up vector dot products by 15x using BLAS function gsl_blas_ddot
        NOTE: using gsl_blas_ddot($x->raw,$y->raw) directly is still about 10 times faster 
              than $x * $y due to error checking and function call overhead
  • Separated POD and Perl code out of SWIG interface files, yay for proper syntax highlighting
  • Added stub test files for Heapsort, IEEEUtils, Multimin, Siman, Wavelet2D
  • All test files now keep track of how many tests should run and other important infrastructure changes

Only a few of the changes are user-facing but they are important in terms of the long-term development and health of Math::GSL. 

While I have been making these back-end changes I have been prototyping a web-based interface to Math::GSL using jQuery. I have many functional parts but no coherent interface that I am willing to inflict on users. But I promise you that soon you will be able to use Math::GSL via your browser and bypass the whole "what-do-you-mean-i-have-to-compile-it" issue. 

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