New Developer Release : Math::GSL 0.13_02

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Please test this out and let me know if anything goes *boom*:

Changes since 0.12:

   - Chebyshev Series Approximation, with tests and docs
   - Improved Deriv, Integration, Chebyshev, Combination and Roots docs
   - Improved introduction examples in Math::GSL
   - Improved Minimization subsystem tests, but it is not functional
   - Added example/deriv/basic

       This shows the simple fact that d/dx(sin(x)) = cos(x)

   - Added example/sf/erfc_check (thanks to Keith Lofstrom)

       Script which tests the erfc() special function against computing
       the integral definition with gsl_integration_qagiu()

   - Added example/vector/speed

       This shows a considerable performance boost using Math::GSL::Vectors
       instead of List::Util when searching for the min and max elements of
       large sets of random numbers.

   - Fixed return signature of gsl_deriv_* functions to return a flat list
   - Fix location of shared objects (Sisyphus)
   - Added raw() method to RNG objects

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