Sexy Bessel Functions with Chart::Clicker

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These charts are created with Perl and Math::GSL via the great new charting module Chart::Clicker, which uses the Cairo library to produce very nice alpha transparency and other visual eye candy. Here are the first two Bessel Functions of the First Kind (J0(x), J1(x)) and the first two Spherical Bessel Functions (j0(x), j1(x)). Bessel Functions of the First Kind usually arise in a problem that has circular or cylindrical symmetry, while the the latter occur when spherical symmetry is present. These functions where discovered when German mathematician/astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel was studying the motion of the planets and comets in the early 19th century.

The script to generate these charts is examples/clicker/chart in the latest bleed branch of Math::GSL. A release to CPAN is coming soon... gsl_sf_bessel_j0.pnggsl_sf_bessel_j1.pnggsl_sf_bessel_j0.pnggsl_sf_bessel_j1.png

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