week 11 report

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There's only one week left to the google summer of code part of the project! Time passed really fast this summer. Last week I started a overall review of all the subsystems of the project to make sure that everything is fine for the pencil down date which is this Friday, august 18. I preferred adding more documentation to the subsystems than adding code to the Tk example since I think it's more important at the moment. I'll touch the Tk example this week if I have enough time but I plan to first finish my overall review before.

I've learned a lot this summer on various aspect of programming : using git, vim and Tk,  Object-Oriented programming, and better Perl programming. I plan to continue to work on this project even after the end of google summer of code. Of course I'd like to thank Jonathan Leto who gave me his time and knowledge. Without him, this project wouldn't exist.

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