Week 9 report

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This week I finished the Fit subsystem. I also worked on Histogram which only has two functions that I don't understand that should be tested to be completed. Multifit is almost finished too, I simply have a little problem with constants from GSL that I need for a few functions to be working. Interp is functional now but some function aren't tested yet (even in the GSL source code). I also added documentation to various subsystems : Wavelet, Histogram2D, BLAS, Interp, Vector and Matrix. I added some typemaps to Matrix to make the view_array functions fully functional.

I've done some more reading on the vim functionalities and I've been trying stuff with the ex commands while developing this week. I've even been aple to create my own mapping for compiling/running c++ code directly from vim.

Jonathan has put our work on CPAN and we already received some testing results from CPANT. This week I will concentrate on fixing problems arising from these testing results, finishing Histogram2D, refactoring tests to remove the "is" functions when we test float numbers and taking a look for other subsystems that I could make work with the current typemaps.

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