Week 7 report

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This week I added examples to the documentation of all subsystems usable so far. This was a missing part for a release to CPAN. I talked with Jonathan about a date we should release and the 20th of each month would be a good date since I'll have some time to polish the release for this month and next month release would a be released near the end of gsoc.

This week I also added some Object-oriented wrapper to the Matrix subsystem. I'm starting to understand better the object-oriented concept which is something I haven't yet seen in my university courses. Finally, I documentation and test functions which don't need the gsl_vector_float structure to the BLAS subsystems. Level-1 function are now almost all functional and Level-2 functions are in progress.

Next week I'll work on finishing BLAS and Histogram testing and documentation, adding more tests to CBLAS and I'll review some function we couldn't make work before since Jonathan seems to have solved the issue with the typemap for inputing arrays. The Sort subsystem is harder than I tought and I'll also have a look back on it.

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