Week 6 report

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This week I worked on adding more documentation to some subsystems and fixing some failing tests. With the help of Jonathan I've been able to fix or mark as TODO all the failing tests so we could merge the bleed repository into the master one. I also added a lot of documentation, mainly to Linalg, Randist, CDF and Permutation. There is still need for more documentation on many subsystems and I plan to work on that in the following weeks.

Jonathan told me that the problems we have with typemaps make it hard to follow the timeline. Instead I'll work on subsystems that I feel can be made with our current understanding of timemaps. For the next week it means working on CBLAS, NTuples and Sort subsystems. CBLAS already has a test suite in GSL that I'll probably use. The BLAS subsystem however seem to have a problem with the type 1 functions. It ask for gsl_vector_float datatype as argument but the gsl_vector_float functions seems to be deprecated. I plan to write to the GSL developpers to know what's going on.

We should put our first release on CPAN soon, we only need to polish a few more things.

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