Week 5 report

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This week I was planning to work on Fast Fourier Transform, Discrete Fourier Transform and Discrete Hankel Transform subsystems but they all contain functions which need to input or output arrays, thing we aren't able to do at the moment with swig. I wrote a message to the swig-user mailing list for help/tips but I haven't received a response yet. I then worked on BLAS and CBLAS subsystems which are the next subsystems we want to work on but they also had problems such as no test suite in the gsl source, so Jonathan proposed me that I work on it later. I also changed some documentation and tried to fix the tests inside Linalg and Eigen subsystems. I succeded in fixing a few tests but some of them still fail, mainly inside Linalg. Within all this search for tests problems, I found out that the gsl_vector_complex functions were not added yet to the Vector subsystem, so I added them.

We plan to put our module on CPAN after we'll have cleaned most of the failing tests. I'll also write a function is_similar_relative to test relative error like the gsl linalg test suite does.
I'm getting better with the vim editor, I even now have access to the vim manual from O'reilly editions. I refer to it very often.

The next week will be a week to concentrate on adding more tests, examples and documentation to all the subsystems we worked on so far. I've spotted a few subsystems which will need some more work this week such as Poly.

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