week 4 - report

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This week I worked on CDF, Linear Algebra and Eigensystems. I almost finished the documentation for CDF and Eigensystems, I just need to had some examples. However, Linear Algebra and Eigensystems need more tests. I'll try to finish them in the next days. Linear Algebra took longer than I tought. Testing these functions has been long and panifull because we needed to get data from maple and then write the tests to see if the output from GSL was the same as Maple. I tought of an other way to tests the decomposition functions which should make the next tests easier : I will the decomposition matrices and then recompose them and check if the result is the same as the original.

While working on the Linear Algebra subsytems I found that we haven't added yet the gsl_matrix_complex functions in the Matrix subsystem. I also found that these functions weren't documented inside GSL official documentation. I added the functions to Matrix and I contacted the GSL librairy developer to see if I could help them to document theses functions since I'll documented them anyway in the Matrix POD.

I also learned some new stuff in mathematics such what are an hermitician matrix, superdiagonal and subdiagonal. This is pretty simple things but I haven't got the chance to work with these concepts in my university courses yet.

In the following week I'll try to finish the parts of the subsystems I haven't finished in the last week and I'll work on, Fast Fourier Transform, Discrete Fourier Transform and Discrete Hankel Transform subsystems.

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