Week 3 - Report

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This week I worked on the documentation of all the preceding subsystem I worked on while following the timeline. I cleaned up the PODs with the help of a new typemap for a vim written by Jonathan which made the testing far easier. I also checked the html versions of the PODs with the pod2html function. I think including html documentation inside the source would be a good thing to simplify the access to the documentation and also to put it on the web. This week I also added some more tests to some subsystem, including Permutations. I included the Permute subsystem into the Permutation subsystem to simplfy the usage of both. I changed the tests of some subsystems from Test::Simple to Test::Class because it makes testing easier on some functions.

I've learn various simples things this week such as how to remove files from a git repository and using typemaps from swig. We've encountered some problem concerning typemaps with swig and I spent 2 afternoon working/understanding how to work with typemaps. Jonathan helped me a lot on that part. I still have a problems on how to write a typemaps to return value by an array but Jonathan will also help me on that part and I'll do some more searching on my side.

The next week I'll work mainly on the CDF, Linear Algebra and Eigensystems subsystems. Linear Algebra is a quite important subsystems since it contains functions which can make much more complex operations on matrices.

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