week 2 report

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This week I worked on Vector, Matrix, Complex and Permutation. I added a lot of documentation to Complex in particular and I think it will be a good reference for other subsystems documentation. However I still need to understand how to write POD in more clean way and how to make it more HTML usable. As Jonathan pointed me earlier today, the documentation is what is the user sees the most of the module and the quality of what we do will be mainly seen by how to documentation looks/works.

This week I also realized that I'm getting a lot faster with vim. The command are getting natural and Jonathan gave me some new bindings for running the tests for the subsystems directly from vim (with coloration in bonus!) I'm also getting familiar with how Test::Class works, the setup and teardown part in particular are really useful. I'm getting used to put map everywhere I would have used a for or while loop. I was a bit suspicious about it's utility at first but I went over that feeling and I couldn't code in Perl without it now.

I added a lot of tests to mostly all the subsystems I worked on this week. Next week I'll concentrate more on the documentation part, on the other subsytems that are planed in the timeline for that week and on some issues which could be solved with swig typemaps.

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