Day-0 Report

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The last few weeks have been training for the real weeks to come. I've already started to code with the help of Jonathan Leto (the mentor for this project). The work to do is large but we should be able to go trough it this summer.

I have my own git repository for the project. We have two branches for the moment : master and bleed. Bleed is mainly for rough code. The other repository adresse can be found on the blog. I already worked on some simple subsystems of Math::GSL : PowInt, CDF and Randist. For the moment I'm working on the Matrix subsystem. Special Functions,Errno, PowInt, CDF and Randist subsystems have the interfaces mostly complete.

I wanted to learn to work with a more complex code editor such as nano, vim or emacs for a long time. My mentor was already working with vim so I'll learn to use it too this summer. Jonathan has showed me the basic to work with vim and I'm starting to be more productive with it. Before that, I was using gedit.

Since communicating with the perl and swig community is quite important, I subscribed to the swig-user mailing list for the moment. I'll also be using the #perl irc channel. Sadly, swig doesn't seem to have any irc channel at the moment.

One big issue for the moment is how to use typemaps provided by swig, once this will be solved, we will be able to work on any subsystem of Math::GSL we want

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