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Private Cryptocurrency and Messenger using Zero Knowledge Mathematics

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Zero Knowledge Core

Hush is an implementation of the Zcash protocol with custom additions, offering a high standard of privacy preserving confidentiality of transaction metadata.

Private Messaging

HushChat is a state of the art private communications technology leveraging zkSNARKS.


Hush dPoW (delayed Proof of Work) is an improvement to Komodo DPoW who notarizes Hush blocks to Bitcoin for securing Hush from consensus (51%) attacks.

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For Miners

Hush is often one of the most profitable Equihash coins to mine. Mining is possible with the same ASICs which mine ZEC, ZEN and KMD. For help, join us on our 'Mining' Telegram or connect to a pool.

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For Developers

Hush is an open source project with a community of developers from around the world, if you're interested in helping Hush please visit Telegram to discuss how you can contribute.

Our Code

For Investors

Our development team is releasing bleeding-edge technology on a regular, consistent schedule, making Hush one of the most talked about "coins to watch".

  • Specifications

  • Algorithm: Equihash
  • Block Time: 2.5 minutes
    (75 seconds starting in November 2020 - Block 340k)
  • Block Reward: 12.5 Hush (11.25 miner)
  • Difficulty Adjustment: Every block, Digishield V3
  • Reward Halving: Every 4 years (same as Bitcoin)
  • Total Coin Supply: 21,000,000 (same as Bitcoin)
  • Founders Reward: 10%
  • Premine: 0.76% (160,000 HUSH)
  • P2P Port: 18030
  • RPC Port: 18031

Open Source

You can review, comment and propose updates.


Your messages & transactions are completely private.


Uses a Peer to Peer network.


First class security, advanced encryption.

World Wide

Message and transact with users around the globe.


Your payments/transactions are processed instantly.

Lite Wallet

SilentDragonLite is Hush's premiere Lite wallet which syncs in a matter of seconds! Ideal for the average user.


Full Node Wallet

This full node wallet helps to secure the network.


Android Pairing Wallet

SilentDragonAndroid acts as a remote control for your Lite or Full Node wallet!


Hush v3 Whitepaper

Hush, the world's first pure Sapling chain (yes, even before ZEC themselves) eliminating all risk of Sprout inflation bugs and reducing download size by over 1.6 GB.


HushList Whitepaper

HushList is a protocol for mailing list style messages on the Hush chain.



HushChat Private Instant Messenger Protocol on Hush

Read Me


Sietch, a Hush-written metadata protecting functionality


Full Node wallet

SilentDragon is a Sapling compatible wallet and full node for hushd that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS for HUSH


Silent Dragon (SD)

Messenger, wallet, mining platform.

All-in-one, SilentDragon is a highspeed messaging, transaction, and asset platform for the blockchain.

SilentDragon enables rapid messaging, transacting and issuance for private or public addresses, on all platforms.

In full development.



SilentDragonLite is a lightwallet which does not require you to download the full blockchain. Syncs in under a minute.

Silent Dragon Lite (SDL)

Private messenger for pseudonymous and anonymous communications

SilentDragonLite is a lightwallet for HUSH which runs on Linux and Windows. This does not require you to download the full blockchain. This is experimental software under active development!


Android pairing wallet

SilentDragonAndroid is an Android frontend for the desktop SilentDragon or SilentDragonLite.


Silent Dragon Android (SDA)

SilentDragonAndroid is an Android frontend for the desktop SilentDragon or SilentDragonLite that lets you send and receive shielded payments from your mobile phone. We are currently working on implementing Lite Wallet and HushChat functionality on Android, so follow us on our Twitter or Mastodon to stay updated. After this functionality is implemented, we are planning on making an F-Droid release.



Private messenger for pseudonymous and anonymous communications

HushChat is a program which allows communicating via the cryptocurrency Hush. You can send messages to about 1000 people simultaneously, allowing for encrypted mailing-list style messaging.

Using the zCash protocol, it allows transactions involving shielded addresses in addition to normal transparent Bitcoin addresses. This allows transactions without disclosing sender, receiver, message (or even that a message existed), or financial transaction amount.



Core Team

Duke Leto

Duke has commit bits to dozens of free and open source projects and has been involved in the Free+Open Source community for 20+ years. You will see his name in Firefox about:credits for helping their Javascript engine use less memory as well as on the "Nature" publication for the Tomato Genome, as part of his work with BioPerl. He also helped design the backend of OpenTreeOfLife, where scientists around the world can study how all living things are related in an open and accessible way. Duke writes code that improves the world and optimizes for increasing Freedom for average folks.

Duke Leto Core Developer & Yak Shaving


FireMartZ has a strong background in business management and more than 15 years of experience in scientific software engineering and development in areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive rendering and image processing. He loves to solve technical challenges to deliver in a timely fashion high quality products solving real problems and meeting users expectations. He decided to join Hush because he believes security and privacy should be the top priority in the decentralized world we are building today.

FireMartZ Core Developer


Heguli97 is in his twenties, studying in school to become something later in life. He spends most of his free time around computers and training in becoming a competitive cyclist. He's been around computers for most of his life, building them and helping others less technologically proficient with their daily problems with hardware and software. He believes privacy coins will be the way of the future and is very keen on helping it along. "Hush will be a stand out coin from the rest of the pack."

heguli97 Support


Jahway603 believes in privacy and in the re-decentralization of the internet. Hush and HushChat will be a part of this future.

jahway603 Support

Tools and Resources

Join us!

Hush is a community project. Everyone is welcomed with open arms!

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